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NanoAlumina Water Filters

This new class of filter works by the principle of adsorption. This is the adhesion of particles to the surface of the filter. (This is also how charcoal filters stop chemicals and taste.)

In this case, the pathogens actually stick to the surface of the filter and the water passes through until the filter clogs and becomes unable to pass water. The pathogens do not ever become free nor do they multiply inside the filter.

In effect, pathogens are trapped and unable to contaminate the water passing through the filter.

These filters were designed for NASA for space flight where water must be reused and not wasted.

These units, designed to purify water to safe drinking standards surpass the quality of the ceramic filters with none of the drawbacks. The huge positive of these units is the amount of water flow. These filters can move from 10 to 20 gpm while trapping 99.999% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium and protozoa. They can trap 99.99999% of viruses.

When the filter is clogged with contaminants, it will slow down but not release the pathogens into the water flow. The user will change out the filter when it slows down.
Filtering all the water going into a home will normally allow the filter to last for 6 months to one year depending on useage and the clarity of the water.

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